If you are searching for some gold bullion to add to your collection or your investments, you will find that one great way to do it is with Canadian Maple Leaf gold coins. Canadian maple leaf gold coins are the official gold bullion coin of Canada. It has been a mainstay of collectors since its introduction in 1979 because besides a gorgeous design, they are guaranteed to contain no less than .9999 24 carat gold.

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Canadian Maple Leaf Gold Coin available at Bullion Store are manufactured by the Royal Canadian Mint and are the official gold coin of Canada. An image of a maple leaf has been superbly etched on the coin in fine detail. With a percentage of 99.99% this makes the Canadian Maple Leaf the purest gold coin in the world.

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About Bullion Store:

Established over 35 years ago, the Bullion Store is the home for bullion investment, with a renowned reputation amongst private investors & Gold merchants. The bullion store has a fully transparent costing policy, where the customer is always at ease and fully understands the commissioning process from the outset.

The bullion Store is fully qualified to provide advice / guidance & information on Bullion investment and gold merchandising around the world. The Bullion store has its own safety deposit centre managed 24 hours a day with state of the art security measures in place. For more information please visit our website: https://www.bullionstore.co.uk/