Tungsten Carbide ball is utilized in a variety of applications where tremendous hardness and wear resistance is required. Tungsten Carbide has emerged as a greater option to steel in numerous applications where cruel conditions occur, such as high abrasion, corrosion and high temperatures.
Tungsten carbide balls, also called tungsten balls or balls made of tungsten carbide materials. Tungsten carbide balls have elevated hardness, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, bending resistance, as well as harsh service environment, which can replace everything steel ball products.
Tungsten Carbide Ball is extensively used in precision hardware, valves, molds, bearings, die castings, punching holes, fishing gear, counterweights, etc. The materials are: YG6 / YG8 / YG8N the hardness is higher 86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC (Hardness Comparison Query), the wear confrontation of tungsten carbide balls is dozens of times that of ordinary steel balls.
Main application: such as precision bearings, instruments, instruments, pen making, spraying machines, water pumps, mechanical parts, sealed valves, brake pumps, punch holes, oil fields, hydrochloric acid laboratories, hardness High-end industries such as measuring instruments, fishing gear, counterweights, decoration, and finishing.
Tungsten Carbide Balls can cover broad industry area because of the diverse sizes. Small size can be utilized as ball pen tip ball; large size can be used as the bearing ball, the significant factors for Tungsten Carbide Bearing Balls is friction coefficient as well as the precision.
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