This September, get ready to witness revenge taking over &TV’s supernatural fantasy show Laal Ishq as it brings forth chilling tales of betrayal, jealousy, distrust, and greed. Watch different shades of revenge come live as family relationships go sour, and a love affair ends owing to fraud, property feud leads to murder amongst the exciting yet spooky tracks for the entire month of September. With the core theme around vengeance, paranormal forces will demand to be heard and seek justice. Neelima Bajpai, the producer of one of the episodes of Laal Ishq shares, “Laal Ishq has been an audience’s favourite when it comes to watching spine chilling horror content on television. With different and varied stories each week, the show continues to be the audience’s favourite week on week. With the September being the ‘Revenge’ month, the audience will see the dark, revengeful, ghostly side of the scariest characters ever hinging on the intense emotion of revenge. Revenge is one of the classic master plots, where the protagonist believes they have been wronged and seeks to retaliate against the antagonist. We have an exciting line of stories, so, don’t miss a single episode!”

Tune into to watch the revengeful episodes of Laal Ishq only on &TV from Saturday – Sunday at 9.00 pm and 10.00 pm