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We never know at what point what happen and in life. I also feel a bad experience in my life. That time Venus detective helped me to find the truth and resolve this issue. Today I am going to write a Venus Detective Review for the agencies who were the best support to me in bad times. My parents are not alive. We live with our maternal grandparents. My only sister married to a man of our choice. We were happy and confident about our choice for her. Life was on track and things were going right. Suddenly after 6 months of my sister’s marriage, she feels like her husband is trying to betray her. It was the worst thing that can happen to me, “My sister was not happy in her marriage”. I was not able to understand what to do next, because arguing my brother-in-law without any evidence was not a good idea. Another point was I don’t want to disclose anything like this. I want to find everything secretly. I heard many times the name of Akriti Khatri, in my friend circle. She was the youngest female detective owner of Venus Detective running a Private Investigation agency.
I called Venus Detective and requested them to conduct 15 days follow of my brother-in-law and find the truth. They handover my case and resolve the issue properly. Points I like about Venus Detective was:
• Venus Detective employees are well-trained professionals. The way of talking and working is quite impressive.
• They always focus to provide the best investigation service, whatsoever the situation may be.
• Confidentiality of work is their priority. I never heard any of my information misguided or distrusted here and there.
• Since, I approached them for surveillance, they provided me timely updates along with photographs and videos. A proper written report was submitted by them the next day in the first half.