Problems have a way of being solved, but the Covid Pandemic has been going on for too long. But within this pandemic, businesses have found a way to market their business more effectively.
While many businesses have moved their business online, many managers have struggled to move their business online or couldn’t fully utilize the benefits of Digital Marketing for their business. Statically around 73% of businesses have moved online, but only 38% of firms have been able to integrate a proper digital marketing strategy in their marketing plans.

The impact of Covid-19 on Businesses
Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, no businesses has been left unscathed. For multi-national companies the affect was felt in parts as they already had online platforms setup to conduct their business operations. Start-ups and small scale companies were highly affected, and companies that relied on personal interactions such as hair salons, gym’s, clothing stores, etc. felt the same impact.
Due to their low capital range and low ability to shift their business online they faced challenges in continuing their businesses. The effect of the closing of small scale businesses has led to monopolizing of the market by existing and running companies.

How to Move Business Online
Digital Marketing has been the enabler of business activities during the Covid pandemic. It has allowed companies to function without any barriers and interact with the customers on a personal level. The integration of digital marketing strategies and its platforms has enabled brands to reach out to maximum number of customers.
The important factor when moving business online is to smooth the transition rather than a quick fire method. Digital marketing is more customer based marketing through technological means, rather than the conventional marketing means.
Moving forward, here are some pointers when moving your business online;
• Online Presence
The first and foremost task of moving your business online is to create a website for your business. Many companies are satisfied with a social media page, or a blog. But having a website gives your brand an online address and an online brand image. The website itself can be a single page website or multi-page website.
Having a website is prior, but having it listed in search engines is necessary for your business to move forward. With proper SEO strategies, your website can create businesses from sectors you never imagined. SEO also helps your website to provide relatable content to customers in need of products or service at the most optimal time.
• Social Media Presence
Social media has great importance for any kind of business, as the modern customer spends around 30% of his daily time on one or the other social media platforms. Such platforms allow businesses to communicate with their customers on a personal level. Social media platforms are also very useful in creating a buzz about your brand and for outreach to promote your brand.
• Paid Campaigns
Though doing paid campaigns can be overwhelming for companies with low capital, campaigns have the ability to spread news and content much faster and with less effort. Paid campaigns are also very useful for remarketing campaigns where you can market your new products to existing customers.
While following the above pointer it is essential, that all the activities are done with proper guidance and in a required timeline. If the processes are skipped or if you try to end activities quickly you may not have the desired result and may have to perform certain task again, employing similar resources and exceeding the required time.

Due to the Covid pandemic businesses have had to revise their business plans to accommodate the changing business scenarios. To help change business plans and make them effective it is essential that companies consider the effect of covid on the customers as well as the market. Here are some ways, to help you understand the crucial changes required in your digital marketing plans;
Changes in Digital Marketing Strategies
• Redefine Goals
The disrupted market requires a thorough assessment of marketing strategies, as to what the customers would require in the current scenario and what would their future requirements will be. The time available now can be utilized by businesses to redefine their business image, goals, objectives and put more efforts towards customer satisfaction.
• Outbound Communications
At this current time, your customers are bombarded with mails and texts from the government, NGO’s and similar benefactors. Your outbound campaign may not be very effective due to their presence as the customer may not be able to view your text amidst all these safety related outbound mails, texts and news items.
• Omni-Channel
The internet is so widespread in the modern-era, that even rural villages have access to it through smartphones. The internet can act as a very beneficial channel to promote your brand and its product or services. Therefore, it becomes essential to employ a sound digital marketing strategy and integrate it with present as well as the future marketing campaigns.
• Measure and Analyze
The pandemic period has provided ample time for business to assess their previous marketing efforts. The data collected from these campaigns can be used to fuel the future campaigns, to make them more successful.

In conclusion, the pandemic has caused a lot of frustration, but marketers are already responding with creativity to provide solutions. The surge may have affected the small scale companies, though the market may have moved online, markets are still open for new opportunities. Learn more about Digital Marketing at Odopod Marketing Institute.