Many people end up losing valuable items or someone close in their life. So, what can you do if you find yourself in such a situation? There are amazing AI-based tools that have emerged. One such tool is Lostify.
The lost and found online platform makes it simpler for people to find the item or person they have lost. So, how can you find someone with a lost and found post? Let’s learn more about this Lostify tool and how it can be really beneficial for you.

Missing Person Search
Lostify makes it simpler to find a person that we have lost. It might be an old friend or a family member you are not able to locate. The software offers missing person image search which will be scanned through the large database. The AI used for the software helps in finding the right match in a quick time.

Post Items That You have Lost
Lostify also makes it simpler for people to post the items they have lost. Depending on the type of item or if it is a person, you can categorize it properly. This will help you to find the person quickly.

Amazing UI
This lost and found app in India makes it simpler to post and find items or people. The amazing user interface of the tool will make the entire process quick and you won’t need time to get accustomed to it.

Lostify is a top lost and found software. The company has offered some top features and easy to use UI. Moreover, the tool offers fast search feature with powerful indexing. Be it individuals or organizations, everyone can use Lostify to their advantage and find what they have been looking for.