At this unpredictable situation of a pandemic which is affecting the entire world, A ton of the essentials now appear to be individualistic and non-essential. We’re all bound home and we’re all trying to be happy.

However, in this search to live peacefully and comfortably, we do have our everyday needs, but a lot of us are afraid to leave. That is where these E-commerce stores come to our rescue. It’s a heavier risk on them as they are making an effort to deliver basic essentials to us. Given below are some of these E-commerce stores Deliveroo , Farmbox UAE,Nayomi, Carrefour, Noon, Amazon KSA, and more that are working day and night to deliver good quality essentials to us. We assure you that you will be delivered the safest items possible for your well being. To make it easier for you, Barakatalan is offering various coupons and discounts for your budget friendly shopping. Visit Barakatalan to get products at nominal prices.


Restaurants around the UAE shut down for dine-in under government orders as a precautionary measure to discourage coronavirus from spreading, but deliveries are still allowed.

However, UberEats realize that the coming weeks will be difficult for many small companies and that’s why they are cutting the delivery costs for consumers for orders from all major restaurants in the UAE until further notice in solidarity of our local community.

Moreover, the food supply network makes it easier for consumers to have contactless delivery during the crisis in spite of worries around the social distance.

Security is essential to Uber, and it is at the core of all they do. In response to the continuing spread of coronavirus, we reminded users of Deliveroo that they may have deliveries left on their doorstep by choosing ‘leave at door’ at checkout. We trust that this will be useful to all on the site.


Online shopping site of the UAE, Noon is totally switching to cashless distribution systems to reduce the risk of spreading the deadly coronavirus.

As cash payment is being believed to be a source of virus transmission, the World Health Organization (WHO) had previously urged the public to break the practice of using cash where possible and then take advantage of contactless technology.

Noon said it has seen a spike in-home delivery in the UAE and Saudi Arabia since the coronavirus epidemic started. The e-commerce retailer said it has completely switched to cashless transactions in order to reduce consumer exposure to the virus and to ensure the health of its delivery staff.

Dubai Mall is expected to launch a virtual store on to benefit retailers and customers as social distancing steps to curb coronavirus spread impact foot traffic in shopping malls. The virtual store of the Dubai Mall will help merchants continue to do good business while factoring in the need for social isolation and online shopping for customers.

Countries around the world have taken stern steps to prevent the spread of the current coronavirus.

Although shopping malls are still open for business in the UAE, many other public places such as theme parks, indoor amusement centres, cinemas and gyms have closed down.


Carrefour also announced a 59% rise in new buyers on its online store, as consumers opt to pursue the digital path amid the latest coronavirus crisis.

The supermarket giant also informed Arabian Business that its online sales had expanded by 32 per cent in the first two weeks of March, relative to the same time last month.

Due to high demands by the consumers, Carrefour has now reduced delivery slots until all the pending orders are fulfilled. An account management department has been set up to assist companies by creating a presence on the Carrefour UAE website to become sellers and display their goods. Brands should be eligible to show their goods within three to five days of signing up.

The Department of Economic Development, Dubai, announced a strategic collaboration between Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) and Carrefour, run by Majid Al Futtaim in the UAE, to facilitate the essential supply of goods to the public in the coronavirus situation.

DTC and Aramex will work together to supply different essential goods to customers around Dubai who buy online through the Carrefour website. Aramex and DTC must take appropriate precautionary steps to ensure the health of all persons concerned, such as the routine sanitization of vehicles and equipment used in the distribution process.

All organizations must fully meet with all the laws and recommendations set down by the World Health Organization and local public health authorities.

Amazon UAE

As a multinational business, the influence of COVID-19 is closely watched by Amazon. In addition to those afflicted by disease, several people are coping indirectly with shifts in their life, education, and neighbourhood environments. Below are some of the areas in which Amazon is helping consumers, societies and staff in this tough moment.

Serving customers – Amazon feels that their position in helping consumers and the city through this period is important, so they want to make sure people will access the things they need when they need them. As COVID-19 has expanded, they have lately seen a spike in people shopping online. For the near term, that has an effect on how we represent our clients.

Safety for Employees -Amazon continues to work together with the authorities in the UAE and around the world to ensure that sufficient steps are taken and a range of preventive health programs have been placed in a place for employees.

In the light of current foreign trends in COVID-19, amazon is now requesting that all global workers who serve in a position that can be carried off from home do so by 10 April.

Amazon KSA

In order to please their clients while still seeking to maintain the health of its staff, Amazon KSA has prioritized the packaging and distribution of products that are of a higher priority for its consumers.

The company works closely with its distribution associates to guarantee the quality of certain products that you most desire.

Amazon KSA is now trying to ensure that no one unnecessarily increases costs for essential needs goods during this pandemic and has restricted or withdrawn hundreds of thousands of things in accordance with their long-standing strategy. They constantly track their store and delete deals that compromise their policies.