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Let us

OSCam may be a softcam which may be a software are often wont to decrypt digital television channels on home settopbox. It are often used as a conditional access module (CAM). Sky server OSCam is compared with many other softcams like mgcamd, Cccam, etc. These all are open source and hence its name is Open Source Conditional Access Module (OSCam). it’s configured on the not so popular Softcam MpCS.

Its main functions are next to its softcam capabilities which are ready to function as a cardserver.

The best OSCam server can easily be downloaded from the OpenPLi feeds. Please take note: you’ll need to activate the softcam also in Menu -> Settings -> Softcam / CI -> Softcam settings.

What is the preparation?

The main thing you would like to require into consideration is that both of the boxes need to get on an equivalent network. Also, you ought to know its IP address of the most receiver.

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Monitor interface:

Via the monitor interface, a program intended for this purpose on a PC (with Windows) or Android PDA can request information from OSCam and adjust certain settings.

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Pay CCcam server configuration:

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Its version are going to be updated only there are some reasons for it. So once you see that you simply aren’t running the newest updated version, there are not any reasons for it. Of course, you’ll always compile a replacement version of yourself.

Web interface

A large a part of OSCam are often followed and adjusted with an online browser. It includes a general “status” page on which the foremost important things are often seen in one store, several pages on which configuration items are often set and a generic configuration file editor with which other configuration items are often adjusted.