With the travel industry regaining steam after months of lockdowns and travel bans, there’s now a surge in demand for all things tourist. Bees Holiday provides updated and accurate travel advice to tourists traveling globally. Their detailed travel blogs are organized in categories such as activities and travel guides for easy perusal.
As a recently launched website, the blog’s publishing rate right now is up to at least 15 posts a day, with topics addressing hotel availability, activities to do, places to visit, the appeal of vacation destinations and more.
One aspect of their covered topics is to provide detailed concrete descriptions of local amenities for tourists. One of their crowd-favorite blogs details the hotel choices near Zion National Park Utah. The blog details the services, design, comfort, and location of each hotel so that travelers can select their final choice based on concrete information from an experienced traveler.
They supplement logistical information like this with guides on both mainstream tourist activities and ideas for off-the-beaten-track exploration that local and international travelers can use. For example, the blog on things to do in Ohio lists both the popular Imagination Station in Toledo as well ask the spooky Moonville Tunnel for more adventurous travelers.
Additionally, the website is a free-access content source, which means that people from all over the world can view any content on the site without payment.
A spokesperson for the initiative stated, “The tourist industry is a widely commercialized sector, which means that even mainstream websites that offer travel advice are sometimes pushing certain brands or looking to advance their commissioned sales.
“With Bees Holiday, travelers get the unbiased opinion they need to make the right choices. The blogs on the website are full of recommendations for the average traveler, rather than for people with loads of money to spare. From accommodation to the best food in town, we’ve got you covered.”
The blog’s team is currently trying to expand and replenish the website to make it more accessible for travelers.

About the Company
Bees Holiday is a newly initiated travel news and guide source that offers international travelers information based on experience for optimum traveling experiences. The blog provides recommendations for restaurants, tours, activities, sightseeing locations, hotels and more.
Website: https://beesholiday.com/