shipping from china to amazon fba canada
China Freight focuses on providing comprehensive services for shipping from China to Amazon FBA from around the world, at an affordable price.
Part 1. Amazon Shipping Process
First, you need to understand the Amazon Shipping operations. The following are two common issues about how to ship from China to Amazon FBA:
From China to an Amazon Fulfillment Centers.
From China to a personal address.
Many of our customers choose Amazon’s Prep Service for their products, which include inspection, labeling, and packaging. You can choose to ship directly from your supplier or through a shipping agent to the Amazon fulfillment centers or your own warehouse. shipping from china to amazon fba canada
In this section we will mainly share what you should know when you choose to use freight forwarding, and what kind of requirements you can ask them.
1. Require picking-up or consolidate your goods
In order to make it as convenient as possible, your freight forwarder will contact your supplier, pick up the goods to their own warehouse, and help you store them until you need them. Even if your
2. Product/goods inspection
When doing Amazon business, your reputation and free from damage products is what matters. When shipping from China to Amazon FBA you will need a cargo agent to do one last inspection of your goods (in China). All requirements can be met, from the inspection of the outer box, to the quantity, quality, and even product photos or other needs. Therefore, you need to keep a clear line of communication with the freight forwarder as much as possible to ensure that your products are delivered to the Amazon center safely and in time. shipping from china to amazon fba canada
3. Amazon preparation services such as labeling
If you are a new e-commerce seller, then you need to rely on the additional services of a freight forwarder because Amazon products always have their own rules.
Cargo agents often have years of experience and will ensure that your product meets Amazon’s requirements. And by doing these preparations in advance, such as FNSKU labeling, packaging, poly bagging, bubble wrap, and so on, in the Chinese warehouse, will save your costs greatly.
4. Transportation and customs clearance
You should choose the mode of transportation of your goods according to the weight, size and the delivery time.
When you go to Amazon, you should understand the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation, whether it is air, sea or express, or let your freight forwarder recommend it to you, so you won’t lose money and valuable time.
Part 2. Should you arrange for the supplier to ship directly or find a reliable freight forwarder?
Choosing the mode of transportation, customs clearance and various documents might sound complicated, and as an Amazon seller, you should focus on improving your Amazon business, and hand these shipping burdens to a reliable Chinese freight forwarder!
For your Amazon goods, should you let your supplier ship directly or find a reliable freight forwarder? This problem depends on your mode of transportation and the weight of your cargo.
We would recommend you to use a freight forwarder for goods with a large weight or volume.
Even if you entrust your supplier to ship directly, it will cost you a lot of time and money, because they will probably need to contact another agent. shipping from china to amazon fba canada
But if your shipment is just a sample, or a small volume/weight, then you can choose flexibly according to your needs.
A good place to begin is with the weight of the shipment. These are some of the rules you should always stick to:
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