IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response, a tool that has been incredibly useful to organizations in the last few years. An extensive review of the literature shows that the primary objective of IVRs is usually to maximize the quality of customer satisfaction. The expression is undoubtedly largely generalized and is utilized to determine just about any digital intelligent phone system.

IVR Payment Processing solutions are used for those who are on the go and only desire to accept credit cards as a way of payment. All transactions are processed through any touch-pad phone. IVR is obviously not a recent technology available on the market, however one that is without question revolutionary not to mention frequently changes to fill the requirements of our frantic market. A very good model of how this unique technology has improved upon recently is the incredible evolution coming from a touch-tone tone only platform, to tools that have the capabilities of recognizing speech.

From a business perspective, there are lots of occasions when it is impossible for any call center agent to cope with a customer’s credit or debit card details and take care of their payments efficiently. IVR systems benefit enterprises due to the increased effectiveness and by allowing the primary focus for staff to be on customer service and maximising product sales. The payment process doesn’t necessarily need to be dealt with by a human on the telephone line, and because of the development of technology, these processes can be handled by fully-automated system. Countless consumers prefer it this way, and so do businesses.

With data such as credit and debit card details provided over the phone by customers, the maximum level of security will be applied to the automated system, and the payments are processed without anybody having access to the numbers or names whatsoever. The companies providing this service usually specialise in this arena, and their first consideration is security. The primary role played by a payment gateway is to validate your customer’s credit card details in a secure manner.

For businesses who accept payments via the telephone IVR systems can completely automate this task, allowing them to process transactions any time of the day, any day of the week. AAA Viza has worked in the IVR payment processing area for many years and loves talking about IVR payment solutions. We offer Phone and IVR payment solutions for a broad range of businesses including top brands and small enterprises. For more information, contact AAA Viza at 1-855-38-SWIPE.

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