Filmmaking is a passionate profession that requires creative clarity. If you have such passion, creativity and connectivity with the audience then a career in film & media is the advisable choice for you.

A good narrative of a film evolves around script writing, story telling,direction, acting, sound and it can be best supported when the passion receives a formal education in film studies. Here comes the importance of film schools and film colleges established across India, catering the requirement of providing the formal education in film director courses and many other courses. Some of them are even considered as the best film schools and best film colleges in India.

Keeping these requirements in mind Annapurna College of Film and Media, Hyderabad, has carefully designed its filmmaking courses.In Fact, Annapurna College was the first to launch a Degree Program in Film & Media – uniquely curated to offer the opportunity with Dual Specialisations, with the vast options provided in the filmmaking courses gives the aspiring filmmakers the opportunity to know in depth about each segment in filmmaking like Direction, Sound Designing, Scriptwriting, Production, Cinematography, Acting, Editing, etc.

This vast choice provided in film studies gives the aspiring filmmakers the choice of choosing their career path in the film & media industry. Pursuing a career in the field which one is passionate will also give a great level of creative satisfaction.

Choosing to pursue a degree in film studies from Annapurna College which is one of the best colleges in Hyderabad and India, always acts as a bonus along with the abundant knowledge, values and learnings they have gained to design their career.