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Are you currently considering of using a custom WordPress theme?

If that’s the case, a custom theme is really a wonderful investment for your business website. In 2017, it’s not adequate to simply possess a website, it must be updated, nicely designed and user-friendly. Get more details about

Companies that don’t follow these rules could be losing a great deal of business – 38% of people will quit engaging having a website when the content/layout is unattractive.

So how do you get a step ahead with the competitors and produce a killer website? Using a custom WordPress theme is the initially step. Here are four motives why using a custom theme is key to a thriving website:

1. A Custom WordPress Theme can help you beat the competition

To beat competitors, your content material and particularly the design has to stand out.

You offer comparable services as your competitors, so a website design could be one from the few things separating you inside the eyes of first-time buyers.

It’s true, design has been confirmed to establish extra trust within the mind of customers. 94% of people cite design as the reason why they do not trust specific websites.

By using a custom theme, you are right away establishing a professional image to customers, and 1st impressions really are almost everything.

You are also guaranteeing that no one else’s site will look very like yours.

2. It is more customisable and easy to update

With regular WordPress templates, you’re stuck using the features that it provides you, and it can be tough to add new options.

As an example, let’s say you desire to add an image slideshow around the homepage. If this feature is not in your template in traditional WordPress, it’ll possibly be hard to add in. Even so, by using a custom WordPress theme, you’ll be capable of add, tweak, and get rid of any feature as you see fit.

Your business is consistently growing and evolving, so your website ought to do precisely the same.

3. It is free of bugs

No matter whether your business is big or compact, it’s important that your website performs all the time.

Any time you pick a custom WordPress theme, you’re choosing a product that was developed by pros who know what they’re carrying out. A custom theme has a well-written code, which will assure your site won’t encounter bugs from time for you to time.

However, should you go having a stock or regular WordPress theme, it’s probably you’re deciding on a product using a code that was written hurriedly. Your site is going to be susceptible to efficiency concerns as a result.

4. It comes with far more assistance

When the idea of making a theme from scratch sounds intimidating, don’t be concerned. You will not be within this alone.

WPOnlineSupport offers live demos and support every step in the way. WordPress itself also has tons of terrific resources that will help you with something you will need.

A custom WordPress theme seriously could be the very best option for the business, so don’t let a lack of experience in design scare you away.