Retaining the customers that you already have, has become very important now – much more than ever before – if a business wishes to grow and be successful. This calls for different ways of engaging with them meaningfully in order to form long-lasting relationships with each of your customers. This results in increased loyalty, the creation of a tribe of repeat customers and great advocates of your Brand. The flip side is that when customers decide your brand is fungible and switch, you make great losses.
Engaging meaningfully with customers takes time and investment. And during these times when sales have been hit, the numbers low, marketing budgets slashed, but the stakes are high, Xerago introduces special packages for small enterprises. Our team of experts and consultants will work to understand a business and its unique situation and work with them to get them back on track, at very special rates.

Xerago also has an algorithmic marketing platform – Acquigo (, which is a synthesis of Xerago’s 10+ years of in-the-trenches experience running over 1 billion marketing interventions. It comes pre-loaded with a rich set of marketing campaigns, automated micro segments, and a comprehensive relationship dashboard. Acquigo’s built-in algorithms automate every activity of campaign management right from defining the target audience to planning, designing, scheduling, execution, tracking and optimization. In other words, the Acquigo Algorithmic Marketing Cloud allows you to run high performing marketing campaigns at scale, with ease!

About Xerago
Xerago ( is an Integrated Marketing Services Provider that helps brands with their Marketing Transformation. Xerago does this by setting up and running Marketing Centres of Excellence that operate at the confluence of People, Process, Technology and Analytics. Marketing CoE encompasses Digital Presence Management, Digital Marketing, Portal Yield Management, Campaign Management, MarTech Management and Digital & Data Analytics. Headquartered in the Bay Area, Xerago has offices across the world.

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