POLYGROUP is increasing the international networking in 5 continents. The new investment in the raised floor factory will provide maximum capacity.

The architectural raised access floor manufacturer POLYGROUP with Headquarter in Spain has increased the international network with new partners in Europe, America, Africa and Asia who are promoting and distributing the raised floor system as the most quality product in the international market.

These 2020 year the market share of POLYGROUP has been increased in the first part of the year positioning the raised floor company between the 3 largest manufacturers in the world.

During the annual meeting POLYGROUP has highlighted the good process of expansion around the international markets where important consultants and engineering firms are approving and specifying the raised floor system in very important projects of high end architecture.

This expansion is accompanied of an important investment in the Spanish production plant where the production capacity will be increased in 35% in the next 6 months positioning the company as the most advance technology plant in Europe.

For more information about POLYGROUP raised access floor systems, you can follow the link: https://accessfloorpolygroup.com/