With a plethora of crypto wallets getting launched every single day, the most important concern is security and trust from the user’s perspective when it comes to digital trading. Today, there are various non-custodial wallets available in the marketplace, while a number of others are getting added on an everyday basis, purely because of the benefits that non-custodial wallets carry over custodial wallets.If we go by definition, non-custodial wallets are more secure by definition, as they allow you to control your funds without third party interference. Acquanaut has recently launched a blockchain platform enhanced by quantum computing.

Furthermore, Acquanaut, apart from a quantum computed blockchain network, also introduces a decentralized exchange and a non-custodial cryptocurrency wallet app. This means that no hack, system crash, or server downtime can lock you out of your wallet. So from a security standpoint, Acquanaut offers no reason to worry.

Special features of Acquanaut’s custodial wallet
Combined with the inherent speed and security of quantum computing, Acquanaut’s wallet is a logical extension of their current service.
Provide users an individual access to their funds. The users need not look up to any third party to manage their fundings or perform any related activity
No risk of data breach since the entire details associated with the Acquanaut wallet and its funds relies with the user
Unlike Custodial wallets, Acquanaut’s non-custodial wallet does not need confirmation from a third party for performing every transaction which in turn streamlines the entire trading process and makes it easier to enjoy instant withdrawals.

Non-Custodial wallets are always a better option to enjoy services in real-time since it is not imperative to have internet connectivity while operating them. Undoubtedly, non-custodial wallets will continue to get an edge over custodial wallets owing to the growing data breach instances and users becoming more conscious about their data privacy and security.