Search engines and attorney directory are tools that users use to find a particular site. Most users who browse the web use search engines to find a website, like Google. Other users come to your site from directories.

Knowing the difference between a search engine and a directory is critical for anyone who wants to improve the visibility of their website on the web. Often, some directories are defined as search engines and sometimes, some search engines are defined as directories.

The main difference is technical, which has important repercussions during indexing (a term used preferably for search engines) or insertion (a term used for directories). Understand how search directories really work and how important they are in digital marketing.

1. What are search directories?

Search directories are nothing more than sites that distinguish, collect, and describe other sites. Yahoo, for example, was born as a directory, although it has always been called by many as a search engine since the purpose of search engines and directories is the same.

Search directories have two well-defined advantages:

– For the user: allow easy access to useful websites according to their needs. You can easily find a lawyer list.

– For the customer: make your website as visible as possible on the web, within a universe of several billion pages, and be visible to specific keywords, and not generally to users who may also not be interested in products or services of the website or advertisements. You can easily find a lawyer by name.

2. What is the difference between search engines and directories?

Since the purpose of the mechanism and the directory is the same, as we have already said, the main difference lies in the fact that directories are collections of sites brought together with great help from human labor.

In search engines, the collection and organization of websites and web pages is the result of the intelligent work of software, commonly referred to as spiders, crawlers, or robots.

This distinction is essential for those who wish to appear in the results of directories and search engines. To appear in a directory’s results, you need to report your own website to the directory and request that it be inserted.

Obviously, as the directory distinguishes and organizes sites to allow users to find what they are looking for quickly, the site insertion order must follow the guidelines of the directory in question.