Wedding Rentals are a booming hit with the way they have revolutionized the wedding decoration scene. The affordability, ease of access, management and variety offered in Wedding Props Rental has created wider possibilities, guaranteeing couples their dream wedding.
Backdrops are an essential component of marriage decor that play an integral role in building the theme and transforming the venue. They have multiple uses- while stage and mandap backdrops are almost mandatory, photo booth backdrops are also increasing in demand owing to the current trends.
Faux Floral Walls
Perhaps the most common, these are a cheaper alternative to fresh floral walls and also more manageable and handy to work with. With faux floral walls, you are not limited by any means and can rent the ones that fit your aesthetic best- based on their color, texture and size of flowers used.
As famous as soft and intricate floral designs are, nowadays, walls sheathed in faux greens- leafy vines, moss, etc.- are also garnering attention. Colossal, eye-grabbing floral patterns that are more dramatic and look like they’re straight from a fairytale could just be the star of the decor for the occasion.
Textured Backdrops
Quite a shift from floral walls, textured ones tend to be more theme-specific and attract attention. The most popular ones are probably those with a feathery texture that hold the charm of flowers while simultaneously offering something unique to behold.
Mirror-Decorated Backdrops
Frame your wedding with these stylish, ornate backdrops adorned with mirrors. They could be mirror panels or smaller ones in varying shapes with embellished or engraved borders.
Solid Color And Draped Backgrounds
A rustic solid-color backdrop may be the most basic of all, but the choice of color can play an important role in the decorations. These could be integral to Wedding Stage Rentals and fashioned into the desired display, being the blank canvas to your imagination. Or they could be employed to conceal or camouflage any part of the venue.
Drapes are quite customary to wedding backdrops. Chiffon, tulle, silk or polyester drape backdrops work well for both stage and photo booth decoration. They could be plain for you to work on them as you please or adorned with faux wisteria or trailing leafy vines for some charming, rustic decor.
Curtain Light Backdrops
A trendy way to illuminate the place, curtain light backdrops consist of gauzy drapes covering string lights available in various tints. They could be a nice addition to the room and be adorned with some minimal accents like a floral wreath or the couple’s initials.
Glitter Curtain Panels
Sequin or glitter backdrops make for bold and glamorous decoration. They can be juxtaposed with drapes in lighter hues to create a vivid contrast. Opt for lighter pinks and golden’s for a classy and elegant display. As for a statement look, you may go for rich shades of blue and red.
Technicolor Backdrops
Add a fun, exuberant splash of color to jazz up the venue decor with some multicolored backdrops. They are available in dozens of materials- folded paper fans, ribbons, checkered patterns, etc. and look great without the need of other adornments.
Whatever may be the purpose- wedding backdrops must be chosen keeping in mind the scale of the venue and also the fact that this is likely to be the element that is going to show up the most in the photos. The latter means considering the dress code, the natural setting and the lighting as well.

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