As a photographer in Dubai, you spend a lot of time thinking about the creative side of your work. But the truth is, photography isn’t always about the art—it’s also about learning the business and marketing side of the industry as well.
 More than that, it’s about constant growth and figuring out the right sources to learn from.
 This list is compiled from my personal experience as a photographer, discovering the channels that helped me truly grow and thrive as a professional. Here are five of my favorite YouTube channels for photographers and what you can learn from each.

Karl Taylor
The best learning resource for a photographer is another photographer, and there are few better than Karl Taylor.
Taylor’s videos are loaded with tips, when it comes to commercial photography, Taylor is a master of his art. He uses both medium format and DSLR cameras so that you can learn the quality difference between them. His product Photography lighting experiments are true worth for any photographers.

Erik Almas
Erik Almas has a drool-worthy portfolio and a list of brands and companies that many photographers dream of.
 But what unites it all is Almas’ outstanding style, a happy marriage of beautiful environment and beautiful personalities tied together with an aura of romance and cinematic flair.
 For fledgling photographers, he’s also a fantastic resource to learn the marketing side of photography, as Almas openly shares the triumphs and tribulations that have shaped his career into what it is today.

The Art of Photography
If you’re looking for lessons from old photography masters or photography book reviews, the Art of Photography is made for you. His videos focus on a range of topics, from different models of cameras to tricks and tips in photo editing. His podcast is also amazing to listen to, giving you inspiration on the go, at your convenience.

With 843K subscribers and growing, FSTOPPERS knows their stuff when it comes to photography. Their videos are just as high quality as their photos, focusing on photography trends, lighting tips, gear reviews, and the business side of photography.

Adorama TV
Another Youtube sensation, Adorama TV has close to 1 million subscribers, with tons of quality seminars and instructional how-to’s. Like a good photographer, they use top-notch equipment to shoot their videos, all the while providing their expertise to help you grow.

Never Stop Learning Your Art
When it comes to photography, you should never stop experimenting with the art you love so much. Remember—every new image is the chance to discover something new.
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