Do you work in an industry with unfavourable working environments? Have you struggled to find a device that is capable of surviving in said environments? Well, what if there was a device that you could use that could not only withstand these types of environments, but also make your life far easier in terms of the work you do? This is where Rugged Mobile comes in. The company supplies several industries in South Africa with exceptionally durable devices that, essentially, extend your office efficiency to the field.

With that in mind, it is important to note that what is “rugged” to one user is not necessarily rugged for another. For example, people that work in the manufacturing industry do not require devices as rugged as those that work in the mining or construction industries. For that reason, Rugged Mobile offers a wide variety of devices that are suited to all kinds of industries, some more than others.

How Rugged Mobile determines whether a device is “rugged” enough for an industry or not is by running extensive tests on the device. The industry standards are MIL-STD test methods, as well as the Ingress Protection Scale. The company conducts these tests to test for the following: whether the equipment can handle low pressure at high altitudes, both high and low temperatures, rain, humidity, sand and dust, leakage, shock, and vibration.

One thing Rugged Mobile urges its clients to be aware of is the massive difference between a rugged device, and a device that has simply been “ruggedized”. A device that is rugged has been built to withstand extreme conditions, whereas a device that has been ruggedized still has fragile internal components, but they are somehow protected. Therefore, if you are going to invest in a mobile phone, computer or tablet that can be used in your harsh working conditions, always invest in the rugged device, and not the ruggedized device. Not only is it far more worth your investment because it has been specifically developed for that application, but it will also last you far longer.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the devices supplied by Rugged Mobile, such as their tablets and notebooks, and handhelds, or if you would like more information on the products, visit the company’s official website at

About Rugged Mobile:
Rugged Mobile is a company based in Gauteng that supplies South African industries with durable, high-quality devices that are suitable for even the most difficult working environments. These devices can withstand everything from mud, sand, water and dust to shock, vibrations, and high altitudes.

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