Here is another feather in the already decorated cap of Sankalp: Corporate Quality Certification (CMMI, Level 3) – A CMMI Level 3 Certification!

It has been less than a year when Sankalp had won the Customer Choice Award 2019 by Software Suggest. Sankalp is already an ISO Certified organization. With CMMI Level 3 Certification, they have the rare distinction of being only a handful of companies to have such an impressive array of certifications.

Sankalp has always been dedicated to performance improvement and quality since its inception. This certification is the reward for their consistent delivery highest quality services to all their customers. No wonder they are among a very few organizations in India that have a clientele base in over 50 countries.

Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a world-class performance improvement model for competitive organizations that want to achieve high-performance operations and are looking to offer their services globally. At first, it was developed at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (USA).

Guarantee for Customer Delight:

Corporate Quality Certification means that their new customers can rest assured to receive best-in-class quality, from the first project briefing to the project’s delivery. They have always taken pride in creating new benchmarks in delivering excellence. The CMMI Level 3 Certification reflects what they have been doing for about two decades now.

Notably, this certification has reinforced the value they offer to their customers. After this certification, the customers can look forward to:

• Further improvement in quality throughout the project lifecycle.
• More value for money.
• A thorough evaluation of various approaches for a given project and choosing the best of the lot.
• A review of customer feedback and proactive steps to eradicate the chances of any forecasted issues.

What the certification means to Sankalp:

The certification is a reassurance for the cutting-edge processes that they follow at each step. This certificate will inspire them to re-dedicate themselves to the utmost quality and performance improvement to delight the customers at each stage of the project. As a team, they are determined to get better in everything they do. Which means:

• More defined processes.
• Process adherence at every stage without a compromise.
• Higher predictability for consistent quality in projects of all sizes.
• High quality at every step.
• Lessened re-works.
• Decreased turnaround time.

How it will benefit the team Sankalp
The CMMI Certification is the culmination of an arduous journey that team Sankalp has endured over the last few months. It turns out; the effort was worth it! Sankalp is proud to have received this certification in such testing times when the world is reeling under the deadly Coronavirus pandemic. This has bought immense happiness and contentment to every team member of Sankalp.

The CMMI Certification will further help the team members with:

• A process-oriented outlook for greater transparency in the system.
• Adoption of a consultative approach.
• An increased sense of ownership.
• More clarity on processes.
• More focus on self-evaluation.
• Greater emphasis on obtaining high First Time Approval (FTA).

Sankalp is indeed honored and humbled by this valued certification. However, their journey for continuous improvement will not stop with this laurel. They are determined to work harder to delight the customers and create new benchmarks in the process.