Exterior Cleaning is one of the primary pillars of the residential & the commercial industry. Various types of cleaning requirements arise like park cleaning, driveway cleaning, roof cleaning & many more. Northern Restoration’s High-pressure cleaning service is a premier player in the domain of the cleaning industry. For example, hot or cold water jetting treatment at high or low pressure is one of the essential workflows along with specializing in offering customized & tailor-made service as per the requirement of our esteemed client. Northern Restoration offers a wide array of cleaning & protection services like commercial or industrial cleaning, domestic or residential cleaning, sealing & protection treatments, etc.

Offering Following Services:

Jet Washing

Without Jet Washing, the exterior of the essential items would be a mere image of the books of history. For the longevity of the look of your building exterior, Jet Washing is indeed a necessity. Otherwise, dust would continue to destroy any the exterior until and unless the stuff gets expired. As a solution to this, a jet wash is a necessary need for your exterior needs relating to car parks, patios, communal areas, walls, windows as well as signs. One of the foremost advantages of jet washing is its eco-friendly nature. Northern Restoration offers premium quality services for every possible essential item in the commercial & residential sectors.

Steam Cleaning

Steam Cleaning is a professional cleaning service that is offered by top-notch service providers. Portable and a mechanized system are undertaken to activate this procedure. It’s applied on stone, brick, and render, concrete as well as in metal. It covers the surfaces of the entire range of exteriors. It kills and destroys spores effectively. Northern Restoration provides effective Steam Cleaning services.

Pressure Cleaning

Good cleaning always leads to a cheerful view. Pressure Cleaning is one of the basic techniques which is widely used in the cleaning industry. It is generally used in cleaning a flat surface. It involves the usage of hot water machines which leads to effective cleaning. Pressure Cleaning is an indispensable part of the cleaning services offered by Northern Restoration.

Soft Washing

Soft Washing is used in cleaning a building surface, roofs as well as building exteriors. This technique has been introduced to eliminate the risk of high-pressure washing – that can damage the surface in some cases. This type of washing is durable & eco-friendly in nature. Northern Restoration offers top quality Soft Washing service.

Chemical Cleaning

Northern Restoration offers a wide range of services when it comes to Chemical Cleaning. It ranges from Pre-commission Chemical Cleaning to In-service Chemical Cleaning. Appliances like Heat Exchangers & Fin Fans require Chemical Cleaning.

Wet Sandblasting

Wet Sandblasting is one of the delicate cleaning procedures that are offered by Northern Restoration. It implies the usage of liquid while going for sandblasting. It provides cleanliness to the utmost level.

Power Washing

Northern Restoration offers power washing as a part of its services. It is indeed reliable and offers longevity to all types of exterior surfaces.

About Northern Restoration

Since its inception, this esteemed organization has been effectively providing the best quality services to the community and making a strong foothold in the cleaning industry. By the virtue of its services, it is gaining popularity at an exponential rate. They have 10+ years of rich experience in all types of cleaning services ranging from park cleaning to building cleaning. The motto of this premier organization is to offer top quality cleaning services which will result in the utmost satisfaction of the client.

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