Over the past years, there has been a more conscious effort to protect the environment by switching from plastic-based products to biodegradable ones. But even before this movement of going green in the field of Catering packaging UK has become all the rave, Donovan Bros Ltd is proud that they’re able to maintain their sustainable catering packaging tradition for around 75 years now.

A Pioneer in Biodegradable Products

A family-run business that started over seven decades ago, Donovan Bros is home to forward-thinking packaging specialists who combine sustainability with quality packaging solutions. As they were first a paper bag manufacturer, it has always been their part of company values to utilise recyclable and biodegradable products.

As they grow as one of UK’s most reputable packaging firms, they have become more firm

About their mission to offer products that are eco-friendly, durable, and capable of preserving the quality of the meals and beverages they store.

Comprehensive and Customisable

One of the reasons why Donovan is considered as one of the most sought-after catering packaging UK companies is their super range of eco-friendly products.

Their massive inventory includes paper plates, cutlery, cups, napkins, salad and sandwich packs, reusable carriers, platters, and even cake boxes. As they have their own manufacturing facility, they re able to cover all kinds of occasion and catering requirements at a highly competitive rate. Whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook planning an intimate dinner party, Donovan has the right food packaging solution for you.

An added bonus is their offer to customise their top-quality catering products. You can request for certain colours and shapes or you can ask for any company logo or icon to be printed on the food packaging items you’ve ordered for branding purposes or, simply, for a personal touch.

Why Patronise Sustainable Catering Packaging

There are several great reasons why you need to switch from plastics to biodegradable catering alternatives.

First and foremost, you are significantly reducing the amount of harmful toxins you can come into contact with. By patronising environment-friendly tableware, you’re also decreasing the risk of your food getting contaminated by toxic chemicals. Plus, they are a few notches safer for your kids and little ones.

Going beyond the food consumption aspect, biodegradable catering products also lead to a vital reduction in landfill mass. Instead of throwing them away, they are compostable — ready to be used as a manure in your backyard in two to three weeks’ time.

Ocean pollution can also be minimised with the increased use of eco-friendly food storage items. According to studies, around 18 billion pounds of single-use plastics are being dumped into the ocean on a yearly basis — posing harm not only to marine life but to the whole planet as well.

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