Legends2.20 Radio is the major sponsor of this event along with Dawnay Concerts. The platform for the broadcast will be provided by Pay Per View Live along with worldwide ticket sales except in Africa, which Web Tickets facilitates to enable our African customers to purchase tickets through online sources and by cash at their local convenience stores.

The marketing of the event is multi-faceted that required partnering with PPV Live, Legends 220 Radio, the individual Artists participation, through their social media networks and Namibian Television in South Africa. The efforts of all these participants utilizing Google Ads, FB Ads Manager and local FM stations throughout South Africa, Caribbean, and USA seems to be providing effective exposure.

The goal of this endeavor is to provide some positive influences:
• Help Artists
• Contribute to charitable foundations in South Africa
• Assist NPA Canada by structuring a means for interested parties to donate to the organization

NPA Canada’s desire to help under privileged people in the communities they
serve is a worthwhile cause for us to support.

Get more information, please visit https://www.legends220radio.com/