Are you planning a big event soon? Have you sorted out your Event Security Hertfordshire? If not, then it’s important for you to realize that Security Guards Hertfordshire offer more than just disturbance prevention.

At Associated Protective Solutions, we can allocate trained security guards Hertfordshire and event security Hertfordshire for your social gatherings. This includes company annual general meetings, exhibitions, weddings, corporate dinners, school events, conventions, and seminars.

Why you need event security Hertfordshire at your next big event

Crowd management and control

Security guards are trained to control and manage crowds at your event, and thus minimizing potential risks. Hiring them provides you and your guests with the peace of mind that no drunk and disorderly people will come barging in on your event.

Compliance with organization and rules

Hiring security guards for your event will also meet venue requirements and ensure that they are being followed. This is normal at events wherein alcoholic beverages are readily available. Should there be instances of fights and altercations, security guards would know how to contain the situation and handle them.

Crime handling and prevention

The most prominent benefit of hiring security guards from Associated Protection Solutions is that our team is extremely effective in preventing and handling crimes. Professional guards must be able to quickly respond to different situations, be it a fire, a robbery, or a terrorist attack.

Parking lot monitoring

Security guards can also safely escort your guests from and to their vehicles, all the while monitoring any suspicious activities within the parking lot.

Guest list tracking and monitoring

Security guards will comb through your event’s guest list to ensure no uninvited person enters your event. They will screen your guest as they arrive at the event and keep an updated list of all the attendees.

Emergency preparedness

Professional guards stay on top of everything to ensure the safety and security of everyone. They are trained to handle different kinds of situations, including the ability to quickly and decisively react to any medical emergencies.

Hazard and conflict resolution

Security professionals are trained to develop skills for observing hazards, as well as having conflict resolution techniques. They will monitor your surroundings to ensure that your event goes smoothly.

What to look for in a security company

Finding a suitable security company for your event can be an overwhelming task. With so many options to choose from, you may miss out on certain factors that are considered important when making this decision.

Hiring a security guard from Associated Protective Solutions not only ensures the above-mentioned list, but our team of security guards is also trained, licensed, and insured. If you want to learn more about our services, you can reach us at 0800 052 9944 or you can send us an e-mail at

Remember, hiring the right team for the safety and security of everyone in the event will be worth every penny.