Artificial garden grass can be installed in gardens, municipal areas, outdoor areas, indoor areas, sports areas – Each environment requires specific characteristics and fibers.

Among the many reasons to install artificial grass, there are 5 basic benefits that we explain below:

1. Low maintenance:

You will not have to invest your free time in lawn maintenance. Artificial garden turf requires almost no maintenance. It does not have to be fertilized, watered, or mowed. Spend your free time enjoying your synthetic grass and not caring for it!

2. Saving water and commitment to the environment:

Artificial grass needs a much lower amount of water than the amount that natural grass requires. This will be reflected in your bills, and, at the same time, the environment will thank you. Sustainability and savings at your fingertips!

3. Maximum durability:

Once you have installed your artificial grass for home, you can be sure that it will last a minimum of 10 years and will have a guarantee for up to 8 years. Enjoying a high-quality artificial grass for a long time is possible.

4. It is resistant to the weather:

You don’t have to worry – whether it rains or if there are very high temperatures, your artificial grass will remain in perfect condition thanks to the quality of its fibers.

5. Absolute safety with its fireproof and drainage system:

Your artificial grass will guarantee your safety and that of everyone around you. Thanks to its fire-retardant system, there will be no danger that the lawn can catch fire, and thanks to its drainage system, the rains will not be able to flood it.

Here are some that we believe are most important:

– It can be installed on any surface. Tiles, concrete, earth, or even indoors, on the parquet.

– We will have a well-kept and beautiful-looking garden throughout the year, regardless of the weather.

– We save water and time. Water, because we don’t need to water the lawn to keep it nice. And time because we will not need to invest time and effort in hard maintenance tasks such as cutting it, fertilizing it, replanting it.

In conclusion, everything that surrounds artificial grass is positive aspects and advantages that will make your life easier and allow you to enjoy your free time in an idyllic and natural environment.

In this way, there are many benefits of using outdoor fake grass.