The European Union is one of the best places for Indians to relocate. No doubt, in recent years, there has been an increase in the demand for the Schengen visa. What is this visa? The Schengen visa for the long term is a residence permit that is appropriate for people who do not wish to stay in the Schengen area continually but need to visit places included in the region on a regular basis.

As per the ยง 6 AufenthG of the Residence Act, Germany, the holder of this visa can stay in Germany for a maximum period of three months. JaberiLawyer is an international attorney in Germany specialized in visa consultation. The firm is an expert in different types of visas offering legal guidance and assistance to potential and interested people to shift to Germany whether as investors, as businessmen, or as employed people.

Requirements & benefits of the Schengen visa for long term
The permit holder is allowed single as well as multi-entry into all Schengen states.

One can obtain an annual visa too.
There is the possibility to get the visa with one-year validity or multiple year validities.
The visa holder is allowed to stay in Germany for a period of three months every six months.

The multi-year visa is granted only when the person has proved to be compliant with all the required terms and conditions of the one-year visa.
For Germany, you need to apply for this visa with the German Embassy.
You need to submit an official invitation from your business partner where details regarding your visit, your hotel accommodation, and other relevant details of your stay need to be mentioned on the company letterhead.
Who should apply for the Schengen visa for the long term?

The person has to give documents to prove that he or she is required to travel to and from to Germany due to professional reasons.
The person would also need to prove that he is reliable and will use the visa as per the legal permissions.

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