Do you have a problem with your home computer or laptop? Is your computer running slowly, causing frustration in your household? Do you think you may have a virus, or are loads of pop-ups appearing? Do you need help installing software or making your machine more secure? Contact us at Daemon to get your computer or laptop operating properly again. We offer affordable computer and laptop repair for all makes and models. If you’ve bought a new computer, laptop, or printer for your home, call our team and we’ll set it up for you. We’ll unbox everything and will connect all the elements before running through the setup processes. We’ll optimise it for your needs, too, ensuring everything is properly connected and you have all the software and features you need. We setup both Windows and Mac computers, and have experience working with all makes and models.

Do you have blackspots in your house where you can’t get a good Wi-Fi signal? Does the Wi-Fi signal drop in and out, or is it simply not fast enough? Do you need the Wi-Fi signal to stretch further than it currently does? These are all issues that can cause considerable frustration, particularly given our increasing reliance on Wi-Fi. We can help with our home Wi-Fi assessment and improvement services. We’ll identify the cause of the problem and will find the best solution. We understand the anxiety that data loss can cause in your household, whether you have lost work files, homework, study materials, photos, videos, or anything else. In many cases, the data that is lost might be irreplaceable. The good news is that data is often not completely lost, meaning it is recoverable. We can’t make promises, but we have extensive data recovery experience, so contact us for help.

If you want to install a new CCTV system in your house, or upgrade your existing system, we can help at Daemon. We use the best brands in the industry and will tailor the system according to your budget and your requirements. This includes installing the latest CCTV technologies including those with remote monitoring, high-resolution cameras, and more.If you’ve bought a pre-owned phone and need to unlock it from its carrier, or if you want to move to a new carrier with your existing phone, we can help at Daemon. We offer phone unlocking services for almost all makes and models of phone. The process is quick too, so you’ll be without your phone for the minimum time possible. Our phone unlocking services put you back in control.

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