The benefits of double glazed windows have been celebrated in a plethora of articles. As double glazing Forest Hill uses two panes to create a space in between, the windows manufactured using this design are more durable and effective when it comes to providing insulation and reducing noise. But how do you know if you have top-quality glazed windows? Here are the things you need to consider:

The distance between the panes. If you’re working with a double glazing company Forest Hill, you’ll know that there should be a space of 6mm to 20mm between the panes of double glazed windows. However, according to experts, 12mm is the space that allows maximum thermal performance. If you are aiming to lessen low-frequency noise (including those coming from road traffic), the space should be around 150mm — just take note that this may also reduce the window’s energy efficiency.

The type of glass used for the panes. There are different glass materials that are used for double glazed windows; each has its own advantages and perks. For instance, the so-called low-e glass is known to efficiently decrease the amount of heat escaping from your house. Laminated lanes, on the other hand, are great for improving noise-reduction performance.

The material used for the spacers. The spacers refer to the strips internally placed along the edges of the windows. Typically, this is made from aluminium, which is known for conducting heat. Those made from composites, rubber, and plastics are considered to be more thermally efficient.

The gas present in the space between the panes. Manufacturers who specialise in double glazing Forest Hill insert gas in between the two panes. The most popular is argon — a gas that helps improve insulation because of its low conductivity. However, you have to take note that the windows are tightly sealed to avoid excessive leakage (normally there’s a 1 to 2% leakage that occurs annually).

The handles and locking system used. When buying double glazed windows, you also have to be meticulous about the other components — including the handles and the locking system. All these contribute to the durability of your whole window system. You also have to check the hinges and the joints and the way they are attached or installed.

The Window Energy Rating. Double glazed windows are rated according to their thermal effectiveness and energy efficiency. In the United Kingdom, C is the minimum rating for it to meet the standard building regulations. A and B ratings are considered adequate while A++ is regarded to be the most effective — and most expensive.

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