Licensed and fully insured, Gleaming Window Cleaning is a family-operated business that offers professional window cleaning Ashford services. And one of their best advantages is their access to the latest technologies available in the market.

With state-of-the-art tools and equipment, their well-trained technicians can efficiently clean different types of windows — including frames, sills and even doors — and provide their clients with the best results with a gleaming finish. Covering both residential and commercial properties, they ensure professional standards in every job they complete.

Prompt and Efficient Services

By combining their skills and dedication to their profession with their set of innovative cleaning equipment, the folks at Gleaming Window Cleaning are capable of living up to their name. For instance, they use high-quality extendable wipers to guarantee that all components and surfaces of your windows are thoroughly cleaned — leaving no watermark or residue.

The business has more than 10 years of experience delivering top-notch window cleaning Ashford services. And during that span of time, they have been consistent in acquiring the latest cleaning gear and materials and in learning how to properly use them in order to complete their job promptly and effectively.

Safety is a Priority

Did you know that without proper equipment — or without the proper knowledge of using it — anyone who attempts to clean a window can be at risk of getting involved in an accident? This is especially true if the windows to be cleaned are in a high-rise commercial property.

The consequences can also extend to the property or to certain portions of it — it can get damaged, and prompt you as the owner to undertake often costly solutions.

By hiring Gleaming Window professionals who are licensed, trained, and insured, you can avoid getting stuck in this unpleasant situation. Not only can they give fast and convenient services, they are equipped to carry out their cleaning tasks with utmost safety.

With clean windows, you are also protecting your property in the long run and helping maintain its ability to provide you a comfortable place to live or work in. Windows without scratches and dirt can allow maximum natural light to come intk your indoor space; they can also boost productivity while helping you save on money all year round.

An Accommodating Environment

The people behind Gleaming Window Cleaning aren’t just focused on cleaning your windows meticulously — they also strive to provide the best customer service possible. When your hire their services, you will benefit from their accommodating workers — staff members who are always ready to attend to your queries and technicians who always observe a positive attitude towards their work.

Get That Gleaming Finish

Want to have your windows sparkle with a gleaming finish? Gleaming Window Cleaning is a leading bale in the business, with a team of window cleaning Ashford experts who can deliver top-notch services using nothing but top-notch equipment. Get in touch with them at or call them at 07936 371575. Know more about them at