Fortaleza, (September 09, 2020): Dr. Igor Ribeiro Rola best in class dental treatments and procedures to secure utmost safety and comfort to patients. Offering in class Harmonização Facial em Fortaleza that includes aesthetic treatments, Dr. Igor facilitates symmetry and harmony to the facial features. Some of the common techniques are lip filling, reduction of dark circles, bichectomy, reduction of wrinkles, micro needling and more.

Dr. Igor Ribeiro offers several dental treatments such as tooth whitening, dental implants, facial harmonization, Lente de Contato Dental em Fortaleza, invisible aligners and more. With a vast clientele of popular individuals and soccer players in Fortaleza, Brazil, Dr. Igor specializes in aesthetic treatments. Located in Fortaleza, Dr. Igor intends to extend the services and its benefits to individuals worldwide. Some of the major benefits include renewal of flabby skin, non-invasive treatment, a balanced and symmetrical face, reduction of traits caused due to aging and much more.

The operations performed in-house are controlled by an iPad Mini. The services strive to offer 100% digital treatments complying by high precision techniques. Dr. further reveals his secrets to being the use and application of artificial technology to carrying out planning along with a forecast of the end result.

About Dr. Igor:

Dr. Igor Ribeiro Rola is a dentist in Fortaleza with an experienced expertise over specialized dental treatments.

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