Choosing the right flooring for your home is not an easy task because it affects the interior space facing your home. If you are a person who loves modernity, you should be careful when choosing a tile.

– Choose the right tiles for a super beautiful living room
– Choosing floor and wall tiles
– The secret to choosing tiles for the bathroom and toilet

Choose premium tiles for connoisseurs of modernity.

Many families choose modern style because of the neat and delicate design lines and the lightness of the combination of furniture in space to bring your life to life. Comfortable, beautiful.

The contemporary style is reflected in the choice of quality tiles thanks to the color of the tiles. Neutral colors such as white, beige, brown, or black can create a contemporary style for your room. The matching color scheme of the furniture tone allows you to emphasize the shapes and lines in the room. The most important thing to keep in mind when choosing a color system for a space in a room is to create harmony and focus on a sense of unity and select colors to suit each space’s characteristics.

Select paving size

With the current trend, many people like bigger, smaller bricks. The rooms are small, and you can use 400 x 400 mm, 600 * 600mm tiles to make the room look more spacious and modern. For offices of the wrong size, you can choose 30 x 60 or 15 x 60 glazed vitrified tiles to hide and save money.

Premium Indian CERAMIC TILES

India is known as a country of passionate people, and the “quality of artists characterizes its people.” These are the elements that make up the bold paved tiles that bear the imprint of this land.

Factors that mark the “premium” of Indian tiles

Indian tiles, before entering the market, its tile products must comply with strict European quality standards. The tiles’ quality is based on physical, technical measures such as abrasion, size tolerance, expansion coefficient, strain tolerance, length tolerance, and water absorption. Fully complies with all of the above technical standards, your ceramic tiles can be manufactured and sold weight.

Also, before returning to Indian, Indian pavers must meet the technical requirements of Indians in accordance with the natural conditions and climate of Indian and be approved by the Ministry of Construction. Quality control from Indian before import and market sale to ensure the interests of Indianise users.

Key features of the Indian cobblestone line

Before being put into production, the raw materials for brick making must be cleaned and classified through strict control steps in accordance with European standards. Thus, the raw materials used for production, in the process of purification and classification, remove all heavy metals and precursors that are toxic to the manufacturer and user’s health. Therefore, Indian cobblestones are considered GREEN material in the world today.

Indian tiles are very heavy, much heavier than Chinese tiles and other tiles of the same size. Since Indian paving stones are produced today using modern and advanced technologies, the pressure per brick is extremely high. Therefore the density of raw materials per square millimeter is high. Thanks to this technology, Indian brick lines are extremely water-resistant, they do not absorb water and are not waterproof, which helps prevent tile sweating when in vogue. With a tropical monsoon climate like Indian, this is one of the most popular features.

High-temperature firing makes the tiles very hard in combination with a thick layer so that the brick always shines and does not warp over a long period of use.

The Spaniards have good taste, so the bricks they produce are decorated and designed with sophistication and care. Indian premium ceramic tiles are not only glazed but directly laser engraved, so the surface helps the brick look more lifelike and lifelike, giving your home a luxurious beauty and sophistication.

With the above information, readers can expand their knowledge of mosaics. In the meantime, you have new and better options for this line of products for your home, right? Pick up the phone and contact us for an additional free consultation from our team of experts.

Choose a color tone for the tile.

For each space in the room, you need to choose the right type of brick. For example, in a bathroom space, you need to choose rough, shiny and waterproof tiles. If you still want to bring modern elements to this space, you can opt for simple and timeless colors. These colors are often used with bright colors of toilet tiles such as white, cream, pastel or colors that create opposites, such as black-white, yellow-brown. For the bedroom, you should choose moderately smooth floor tiles, with not overly demanding patterns, lots of designs and colors.

The dignity of the modern style cannot be denied. Therefore many people choose it. In particular, quality tiles are an important and necessary element of a modern home.