For digital marketer or blogger website traffic is a crucial metric. Checking the website’s traffic isn’t that tough with the proper tools. during this article, we’ve discussed the simplest website traffic checker.

What is a Website Traffic Checker Tool?

Website traffic checker tools actually show the amount of individuals who are currently on your website or what percentage visitors you’ve got had during a selected time (date range you’ve selected). along side your website, you’ll also track the competitor’s website.

Why You Must Check Competitors Traffic?

1.) you’ll explore the highest keywords, top pages that your competitors are ranking.
2.) you’ll know precise monthly, daily sessions of your competitor’s.
3.) you’ll get a more precise view of Direct, Referral, Organic and social traffic.
4.) you’ll analyze competitors bounce rate, Page Views, Time Spent and other engagement metrics.

5 Best Website Traffic Checker Tool

4.) UberSuggest
5.) Similar Web

Every SEO guys or digital marketing professionals need a tool to see website traffic and know where they stand against their competitor.

Getting a rough estimate in your niche can assist you increase traffic and dominate. supported your requirements and therefore the budget, you’ll choose the web site traffic analyzer tool.