London, United Kingdom: TEBillion, one of the leading business automation solutions provider, is gaining a large increase of interest from the pharmaceutical industry.

The pharmaceutical industry is no stranger to the challenging impact of COVID19. With the rise on the demand and limiting the number of workforce with work from home arrangements, pharmaceutical distribution companies are starting to understand the COVID19 impact. These companies are approaching TEBillion to integrate business automation solutions for ensure ease and efficiency on their processes.

Amit Raina, SVP South East Asia announced this week that TEB is getting more inquiries from the pharmaceutical distribution companies the past few weeks and a couple of agreements are anticipated.

The rise on the demand with a limited number of workforce means that the pharmaceutical distribution companies need to be more certain as to how their sales processes are going that will allow them to have a more comprehensive view of how the pandemic has affected the company. This will ultimately help them make important business decisions.

TEBillion will provide cost-effective automation solutions with after sales support allowing the companies to be more flexible and adaptable during this pandemic.

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