Alsysco, a proud member of AFMETCO and affiliate member of SAIA and AAAMSA, is a well-established, innovative aluminium systems designer that has been servicing South Africa for several years. The company is renowned for their premium systems that are specially manufactured and designed for the African environment, which even meet strict international standards. Alsysco strives to offer nothing less than the most innovative solutions and high-end products. As such, the company not only prioritises functionality when producing aluminium systems, but also aesthetics and client satisfaction.

It is for this reason that, during the design process, the African weather conditions, such as the heavy rainfalls, high temperatures, and excessive wind, are kept top of mind. The company’s systems and solutions limit air infiltration, as well as prevent unwanted water damage by providing controlled water drainage. Whether you are looking for an aluminium systems designer that produces state-of-the-art curtain walls, or stylish and functional sliding windows, Alsysco is often people’s first choice.

Some of the different aluminium systems offered by Alsysco include insect screens, curtain walls, and casement windows, to name a few. These products’ details will be discussed below.

1. Insect Screens:

For homeowners looking for affordable, visually appealing, and exceptionally reliable insect barriers, these aluminium screens are widely recommended. Other than the fact that these screens can keep your property insect free, while still allowing for smooth airflow, they are also easy to clean, durable, and require little maintenance.

2. Curtain Walls:

Commercial properties that are looking for solutions where maximum natural light can enter their building, without affecting the internal environment, often opt for Alsysco’s curtain walls. The several benefits to using such a system include that they have remarkable design flexibility, enhanced thermal insulation, and improved weatherproofing properties.

3. Casement Windows:

Alsysco supplies the THERMECO SASH casement window system, which prevents the infiltration of water and air with enhanced water drainage. In addition to this, homeowners can have pace of mind with the window’s reliable and secure locking mechanisms.

For more information about the different products and services you can source from Alsysco, or for more information on the company itself, visit their official website at

About Alsysco:
Alsysco is an innovative aluminium systems designer for both the residential and commercial sectors in South Africa, operating in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, and Johannesburg, with their head office located in Durban. The company’s architectural systems undergo vigorous testing to ensure that they are suitable for the marketplace, as well as for the African environment.

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