Established in 1952, Romsons Group of Industries has brought about many revolutions in the field of healthcare, post-independence with their medical devices. Romsons deals in a number of medical products ranging from anaesthesia, cardiac, gastro to surgery, transfusion and urology among other medical categories. Their products promote healing, well-being and safety of patients. The latest technology supports the manufacturing which is largely automated and well documented. They provide a very sterile environment for the workers to ensure the quality of their products. Products like iv cannula, breazer, mistair, respirometer, grounding pad, vein guard and klik clamp are just a few among the vast variety of products available. They are extremely affordable and easily available across the country.

It was started as Romsons Scientific and Surgical Industries by late Shri. Ram Lal Khanna and his two sons in Amritsar. It shifted its base to Agra in 1962 for a better outright and distribution across the country. They gradually proceeded into the manufacturing of disposable medical devices such as a non-sterile Nelaton Catheter. With its innovative methods and a talented team, the company grew at a great pace and became of the leading manufacturers of medical devices.

Smart medical Buyer is one of the most impactful platforms that has brought about a revolutionary change in the medical industry of our country. They are the largest online medical store currently and was established in 2015. They are one of the leading manufacturers of medical devices and equipment in India. The equipment and devices including ambu bags, stethoscopes, bain circuit, BP machines, syringes and needles, medical tapes and crepe bandages, adult diapers, foley catheters, and dialysis supplies among many others are of the best quality and manufactured to perfection. The platform has 8000+ products available even in the most remote parts of the country. This has ensured that medical aid reaches to those who earlier had to travel long distances for the smallest of medical supplies. Since its inception, SMB has grown immensely due to a dedicated team and their perseverance to provide the best of medical aid for its customers. They work in collaboration with some of the top medical brands from around the globe, such as Ethicon, Microgen, Smith & Nephew, Baxter and Bactigras.

Smart Medical Buyer is currently headquartered at New Delhi. You can visit their website and catch some amazing offers on special equipment. They have all your medical needs covered in an extremely affordable price range. They have been servicing all through the COVID-19 pandemic and have made it exceptionally convenient to procure medical supplies.

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