Seeing ‘printer offline’ error on your HP printer is annoying because this error doesn’t let you print your documents and images. In case, you are using a Mac and dealing with this error, then do the following to get your printer back online:
Check and correct settings under Mac:
1. For that, you need to go to the ‘System Settings’.
2. Open the menu item Printers and Scanners.
3. Delete any unsuccessful printing tasks.
4. Determine if the printer is reported as paused. If so, report it back to the company.
Update the operating system on Mac:
1. Click the Apple logo on the toolbar in the top left.
2. Click About This Mac, and then click Software Updates.
3. If updates related to the operating system are displayed, install them.
4. Let the Mac restart. This usually happens automatically.
5. Then go through all the points under Check and correct settings again.
Completely remove the printer on Mac and reinstall the driver
If the printer remains offline, it is recommended that you reinstall the printer driver.
1. Under System Preferences, open the Printers and Scanners menu.
2. Right-click (or ctrl + mouse click) on the printer to open another menu.
3. Confirm the Reset function with OK.
4. Disconnect the printer from the Mac.
5. Then add the printer again with the +.
If the problem persists, then consult experts for quick and reliable assistance.

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