Once you’ve hired the right letting agents Ashford, it will be more cost-effective and convenient for you to manage and make the most of the properties you’re renting out to other people. But how do you know if the agent you’ll hire is capable of doing the job? We’ve gathered nine important questions to ask your prospective agent.

Are you licensed and certified? When choosing among a number of estate agents Ashford, you have to be keen about their experience and qualifications. One of the first things you need to ask if they have a license to practice real estate and if they have any certification to prove their knowledge in the field.

How many clients are you currently working with? Your letting agent should have ample time for him or her to be able to focus on your property or set of properties. Ask how many properties he or she’s currently handling — and what type of properties are they to have an idea of his or her scope of work.

How do you plan to market my property? A good letting agent should be strategic and knowledgeable about the trends in the local properties market. These characteristics are well-reflected if he or she’s able to say an initial idea how your property will be advertised.

How are screenings carried out for potential tenants? Proper screening is crucial if you want to avoid problematic tenants. So it’s vital to ask how your letting agents typically handle the screening process. Bear in mind that during this phase, it’s important for your agent to be able to conduct credit and background checks.

Who will handle the maintenance work? Letting agents Ashford are also generally equipped to take on the maintenance work of the properties they’re managing.

How do you collect rent? You’re renting out your property in hopes of making a profit out of it. So make sure you’ll hire a letting agent who can get you the maximum rental return for your property — and who can collect rents from tenants promptly and safely.

How long will the agreement be? Make it point that you understand all the terms of your agreement — from the longevity of the term to how it can be renewed to the process if you are to end the agreement because of dissatisfaction or breach of contract.

What’s included in your fee? Your agent should be transparent about his or her pricing. Ask what are the costs covered by his or her fee and if it already includes VAT or not yet.

Do you have any references? When looking for the most trusted and reliable estate agents Ashford, it’s always advisable to ask for references you can use to countercheck their claim about the quality of their services.

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