A lot of things in the world might be mediocre but frankly, food shouldn’t be one of them. A person’s love for food can never be mediocre even if it’s the third last thing in the world (I guess), and when it comes to food the mention of Afghan delicacies is a must! For years, this cuisine has cast its magic onto every people who have tasted it and made them fall in love to date. But as a matter of fact, do you know what those inside-facts are about Afghan Foods? Read down below to explore them now.

  • It’ll awaken your taste buds

Apparently our taste buds changes every two weeks and this process slow down after the 40s which leads to a gradual decline in the growth of the taste buds. The reason we’ve discussed this is to lighten the thought, that after a certain age you might not sense the similar taste of the dishes like before but with the Afghani cuisine you won’t miss over any food taste!

Even though with bland taste buds you can rejoice the delectable flavors of Afghan, after all, they have a powerful blend of freshens and flavors in almost all of its dishes.

  • Extremely rich in calories

A few famous Afghan delicacies’ pride, kebabs, lamb chops, kofta, and ribs are surprisingly rich in calories. In simple terms, calories may be defined as a fuel that is used by the body to function energetically later in the day. If you are focused on gaining weight, then increase the intake of calories rich food like, meat, fish, and, avocado, otherwise focus on the vise versa.

  • Afghan foods are more about Hospitality

Another interesting fact about the Afghan cuisine is the food served under the Afghan cuisine is anytime closely linked with hospitality and nourishment. If you have been lucky enough to explore the amazing flavors of Afghanistan then you must be familiar with the strong rituals and love they hold while cooking, eating, and even while serving, as in, the best delicacies will always be placed nearest to the guests.

  • Comprise of local yet exotic ingredients

Unlike many of the neighboring countries like India, Iran, and Middle Eastern countries, Afghanistan prefers a subtle and balanced to flavors in their food, neither too spicy nor too sweet. Their key spices include saffron, pepper, cardamom, cumin, cinnamon and herbs like mint and coriander are the most loved refreshment servings of Afghanistan.

  • Nuts & Dried fruits are the prominent ingredients

Just like the Indian dishes are incomplete without their extraordinary spices similarly, the Afghan cuisines are also incomplete without dried fruits and nuts. Whether it is a side dish or main course, nuts such as pistachios, walnuts, almonds, dried plums are most likely to be found as healthy toppings. Besides, nuts are also a staple celebratory ingredient of every festival celebrated in Afghanistan.


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