Sarla’s (Samta Sagar) never-ending worry for Gudiya’s (Sarika Bahroliya) future leads to an interesting turn of events as she challenges her son, Pappu (Manmohan Tiwari) and husband Radhe (Ravi Mahashabde) to find a match for Bedarak Gudiya. But the exciting catch is that, if Pappu finds a suitable match, Sarla will stop bickering about Sweety (Shweta Rajput) not working and that if Radhe beats Pappu, she will vow never to fight with him ever again. Soon enough Nanhe (Sudheer Neema) is the one to find a boy for Gudiya, but both, Pappu and Radhe convince Nanhe to announce that it is them who found the boy. Gudiya tells Guddu that a boy is coming to see her and this may be the one she gets married to. On hearing this, Guddu is ecstatic with the news. Meanwhile Badi Amma (Abha Parmar) is seen struggling with Gabbar (Aman Gandhi) as she politely asks him to eat food and in outrage, he pushes Badi Amma furiously, and Guddu arrives just in time to save her from falling. Finally, on the day of the boy’s arrival, everyone is taken aback to see Bobby! When Bobby is introduced to Guddu, he falls for him at first sight and in a chase to catch Guddu, Bobby runs all around the haveli to convey his feelings.

Sarika Bahroliya, who plays the role of Gudiya, shared, “Gudiya’s innocence makes her believe that Bobby could be perfect for her as he could be both her good friend and a husband. However, a twist comes in when Bobby gets all lovey-dovey for Guddu. Shooting this episode was so much fun! To see Bobby chase, Karam was hilarious. We could not control our laughter. It would be worth a watch to see how this Rishta pans out. Will her family give in to Gudiya’s agreement?”

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