TRX IN BANK, a Sustainable Smart Contract Dividends Platform, is available now. Get 6% – 14.5% Dividends Per Day!

TRX-In-Bank Sustainable Smart Contract has launched now. The investors can invest their TRX coin in the decentralized smart contract started on September 3rd, 2020. TRX-In-Bank is a decentralized smart contract that is uploaded to the TRON (TRX) blockchain. The TRX-In-Bank works automatically in a blockchain system or decentralized technology. This means no one is regulated, able to edit or delete the smart contract. With only a minimum investing 50 on TRX IN BANK’s smart contracts, the system will give the investors 6% – 14.5% Dividends Per Day. The smart contract is available with a period of 8 to 32 days and gains up to 210% total returns.

Benefits of Joining TRX-In-Bank 

TRX-In-Bank is a decentralized smart contract that gives a high return in short term investing. The system runs automatically without bank or government interference. It means it is regulated by the system itself (peer to peer). Furthermore, dividends are distributable. The users can withdraw or reinvest for future dividends. TRX-In-Bank uses TRON blockchain to invest, and it only needs 50 TRX to invest and gain profit in the near future.

To join TRX-In-Bank is simple. Users need to download and install the following app; TronWallet, DappBirds, Tronlink Pro or TokenPocket. The user can then create a TRX wallet or import the existing TRX wallet, and then transfer the TRX from the exchange to the wallet. TRX-In-Bank is available in the wallet app and ready to invest or withdraw.

About TRX-In-Bank

TRX-In-Bank is a decentralized smart contract that uses TRON (TRX) blockchain. TRX-In-Bank offers four investment plans including Mutual Fund (6% Daily ROI/35 days contract/total return 210%), Wealth Fund (7% Daily ROI/20 days contract/total return 140%), Premium Fund (8.8% Daily ROI/5 days contract/total return 132%), Short Term Fund (14.5% Daily ROI/8 days contract/total return 116%), and 10% Referral System. For more information, please find the information below.