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Now, more than ever, clean medical facilities are essential. With North Kent Cleaning Services, doctor’s surgeries and other facilities can receive high-quality cleaning.

[Kent, 04/09/2020] – With over 300,000 cases and counting across the UK, breaking the chain of novel coronavirus or COVID-19 transmission is crucial. Good hygiene and a clean working environment are keys to preventing the spread of the virus. These are especially important to observe in medical facilities to ease people’s worries over contracting COVID-19 while getting necessary medical care.

Hospitals and doctor’s surgeries that aren’t properly cleaned and sanitised can harbour germs and viruses that patients and other staff may come into contact with. And instead of entrusting the cleaning to the facility’s janitorial staff, hospitals might want to consider hiring a professional team trained to clean medical facilities in particular.

For such facilities in Kent looking for professional cleaning services, North Kent Cleaning Services offers comprehensive doctor’s surgery cleaning, ensuring that patients and staff can stay safe within a medical facility.

First-Rate Cleaning Services for Medical Facilities

Health care providers in Kent and Medway have been benefiting from North Kent Cleaning Services for over 17 years. The company offers a range of comprehensive cleaning services that leave no corner of a hospital or other medical facility untouched.

The team’s doctor’s surgery cleaning service includes risk assessment for every room and cleaning task, using colour-coded cleaning tools and equipment to avoid contamination and carrying out monthly audits in compliance with the NHS’s National Specifications for Cleanliness.

In addition to these practices, every member of the cleaning team is fully trained to handle cleaning and sanitising medical facilities. This is coupled with the use of state-of-the-art cleaning tools and equipment.

With North Kent Cleaning Services, Kent health care providers can maintain patients’ and staff’s safety within their facilities.

About North Kent Cleaning Services

North Kent Cleaning Services is a contract cleaning company based in Medway, Kent, offering commercial cleaning services for hospitals and other medical settings. They have been providing excellent service and friendly customer support for over 17 years.

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