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Miele refrigerators are very popular among homeowners because of their classic nature, style, design, and versatility. Also, Miele appliances are known for their exceptional performance, innovative feature, and cutting-edge systems.  However, whether it’s a Miele fridge or GE fridge, fridges do exhibit technical problems sometimes.

Fridge-freezer repair problems occur inevitably due to a lack of proper maintenances. Yes, even the top-rated fridges occasionally need a little servicing to operate efficiently and prevent further damage. If your refrigerator problems progress beyond simple troubleshooting, you must seek experts’ help.

Fridge-freezer maintenance tips

Whatever the brand of the fridge is; a fridge is a huge investment. It’s one of the most important household appliances that homeowners cannot live without. In order to prevent serious technical issues and ensure quality performance, you must focus on regular maintenance tasks.

  • When cleaning your fridge-freezer or performing any maintenance task, you must make sure to unplug the power switch.
  • Frequently clean the shelves, drawers, ice/water dispenser, and door panels with clean water. Frequent cleaning prevents spills, dirt build-up, and bad odor.
  • Clean the condenser coils. Usually, dust and debris accumulate the coil section. You can look at the manual to find out how to handle jobs like vacuuming dust and debris from the coils.
  • You should also clean the ice chute to get rid of the ice stuck in that section.
  • Also, clean the back side of the fridge.

How to help keep your fridge cool in the summer?

There’s nothing worse than having a fridge that won’t cool enough. Appliances like refrigerators work hard and run constantly as per their needs. Rising temperature and increased usage make them malfunction sometimes.

Here are some preventive measures you can take to keep your fridge-freezer at its best condition

  • Keep your fridge clean always (condenser coils, trays, etc)
  • Change your water filter every six months
  • Adjust the temperature of the fridge as per your needs
  • Handle the fridge with extra care
  • Ask for experts’ help immediately whenever required

Reasons why your refrigerator won’t stay cold as it should

  • Incorrect temperature settings
  • Fridge is too empty or full
  • The door won’t seal shut
  • Condenser coils are not cleaned
  • Broken parts
  • Technical issues

How long a fridge-freezer does lasts?

Typically, the average life expectancy of a fridge is about 10 to 18 years. However, many factors influence a refrigerator’s life expectancy. The factors are-

  • Type and quality of the refrigerator
  • Periodic maintenances
  • Occasional professional servicing
  • Usage factors
  • Environmental factor

If your fridge-freezer is currently not working as it should, you must consider calling fridge repair specialists. If you need help with fridge-freezer repair in Richmond, A.R.E Appliance Repair would be happy to be at your service. You can expect to have an amazing customer service experience with us.