Translation offers a matchless focal point for businesses to communicate, grow, and thus flourish. Aimed at specific audiences, translations can be quite expensive. However, certain things if placed into consideration, before one chooses a method of translation, translations can be made more affordable. Factoring in turnover time, deadlines, and accuracy is an important first step to acquire translations at an affordable rate. In this article, we will be going over some pointers that you – as a client – can employ to acquire affordable translation services.

Here are three tips for getting affordable translation:

Plan Ahead in Choosing Affordable Translation Services

Translating in urgency is going to cost you more than translations that have been prearranged and planned. Wanting emergency translations within 24 hours versus translations that are done over the course of a week – as you can envision which one will cost you more. Translations for documents in an emergency situation need to be allocated among multiple translators and quality controllers, as such translation costs are bound to increase. So, if you have a visa interview in a month’s time plan ahead to reduce costs, however, if you are approaching a deadline you are going to have to choose rush translation and thus pay more.

The Right Amount of Expectations

The cheapest method of translation is Google translate – it’s free. But wouldn’t that put translators out of job? No – the truth is translation services are rather thriving. This is because translations performed by machine is not very accurate – Google translate had an accuracy of 70-75% when translating from Chinese to English. Human translation (and ingenuity) should not be discounted and it remains as accurate as ever. There is a fine balance between translation services rates and accuracy – online affordable translation services provide you this balance. Furthermore, major online translation services provide results that will then be proofread by native speakers. The quality control in place ensures translations are 99% accurate.

Let’s look at a case, you have a Vietnamese birth certificate you want to translate into English (you are applying for US visa – we are exaggerating of course). You Google translate the birth certificate and present it at USCIS office for visa application. Of course, your visa gets rejected on the ground that it doesn’t have proper translation and a certificate of accuracy. You get a translator and a certificate of accuracy (at a price) and again apply for a visa (paying even more expenses). This cycle of “backbreaking” expenses can easily be avoided if you had adopted online translation services on the first go.

Choosing the Right Affordable Online Translation Services

Make a list of various online translation services. Look at specific samples and reviews provided by customers of each document translation services. Many good translation services provide a free quotation – make use of that. And remember, never put all your eggs in a single basket – try and test first.

Affordable Translation Agency

Once a list is created, it is much easier to choose a cheap translation service. Also, aim for translations with 99% accuracy. Some premium translation services also provide smooth incorporation into a specific content management system (CMS), be aware of these additional benefits before acquiring services from a company.

Besides, choose services that provide support to major global languages – under a single roof. Also, scalability, privacy, and content management should also fall in your consideration. Factoring these benefits can help you save money in the long run.

Besides, ease is one of the characteristic assets of online translation services. An accurate translation can now be achieved at a click of a mouse button – invariably helping your cause.