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For centuries, meditation has been used as an effective technique to work with the mind, and also to provide relaxation, well-being and better health. Beyond its original spiritual purpose, today’s stressful lifestyles have inspired an ever-increasing number of people to practice meditation for health reasons. Hence, to help you cope with the changes in the lifestyle during the pandemic, mentioned below are the factors why mediations is imperative to your wellbeing, as opined by the best psychologist in Brisbane.

Management of stress, anxiety and depression

Doctor’s suggest that mindfulness meditation can benefit those who struggle with stress, anxiety and depression issues. And not only do meditators feel less stressed, their levels of the “stress hormone” cortisol decrease measurably too.

Increased immunity

A strong immunity is the only way to fight the virus. Thus, mindfulness and relaxation exercises practiced over the period of one month helped boost patients’ lymphocytes, those natural killer cells that improve the immune system.

Lowered blood pressure

Another benefit of meditation is it helps to control blood pressure. Experts believe that meditation reduces the body’s responsiveness to cortisol and other stress hormones, which is similar to how blood pressure reducing medications work. It’s one of meditation’s great health blessings.

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