One of the leading brands in the water purifier industry, Bondurant Technologies International Inc. has been bestowed with the Best Whole House Water Filter Award 2020 for its Caripur H20 at the Water Digest Awards 2020. For Bondurant Technologies International Inc., this award reflects their commitment to provide the purest water to people and protect the families from water-borne disease. Caripur H2O is an advanced rainwater filtration system for drinking water, which has been crafted from an amalgamation of digital and automatic resource monitoring technology. This water filtration system is designed to operate semi-autonomously providing water even during power loss. In addition, it monitors cistern levels and automatically alerts you when you are getting low, most importantly does not require frequent filter changes and also can run solely on solar panels.
About Bondurant Technologies International Inc.
Pioneers in bringing the revolutionary water filtration technology with the key focus on person’s health and sustainable development. Their whole house water purifier called Caripur H2O (Caripur) which is tailored to local conditions and local energy supplies turn rainwater into potable drinking water. This is accomplished by removing harmful pathogens and other elements from the cisterns while using minimal energy resources.Caripur is also an Internet of things device (IOT) that continuously captures and uploads, over a wireless medium, 18 points of analytical data. This data allows us to identify current problems, predict future ones, monitor system performance, all while keeping the customer aware of water conditions, usage levels and system conditions. Caripur is environment friendly. It uses the same amount of energy to power an alarm clock (just 10 watts) while producing enough water to replace 36,000 plastic bottles per, innovations, and processes that contribute to the sustainability of water resources.
Contact info:
Address: 1415 Hwy 85 N. Ste 310-285 Fayetteville, Ga. 30214
Phone Number: 678.833.9261