Tech Avant-Garde, in association with Microsoft, Knowledge Key Foundation, Lycee Corp, Efeeonline and Roshini Social Schooling will be conducting first-of-its-kind Knowledge L’avenir Conclave webinars starting 5 September 2020. L’avenir Conclave webinars are part of Tech Avant-Garde’s “Digital Transformation and Holistic learning” program, which has transformed schools from four walls of the classroom to Connected Learning Community. This grand education showcase will last for 12 weeks and over 3,000 teachers will exhibit their Digital Teaching Skills and over 150,000 teachers will attend. Over 72,000 schools across India with a student-teacher population of 76 million (7.6 crore) will get inspired to make the Digital Transformation.
Some of the participating early-adopter schools include: Aligarh – Blossoms School; Bengaluru – TCIS-Sarjapur, TCIS-Whitefield, BGS World School, Green Field School, Venkat International School; Hosur – Litera Valley Zee School, MMS-RICE; Hyderabad – Oxford Grammer, Sri Aurobindo International ; Kanpur – Huddard School, Dr. Virender Swaroop Education Centre ; Pune- Orbis Mundwa; and Thane – Arya Gurukul amongst others. Mr. Nanik Rupani, Chairman, Emeritus, Priyadarshini Academy will be a Guest of Honour at the Conclave.
Ali Sait, CEO, Tech Avant-Garde, said, “In today’s world where knowledge is the greatest asset, the benefits of the information-rich, technology-enhanced, Connected Learning environment must be extended to empower students, teachers, parents, schools and entire communities to learn without limits. ‘Digital Transformation and Holistic Learning’ program has helped schools build the Connected Learning Community through our training of school management, teachers, parents and the students.” He added, “Knowledge L’avenir Conclave webinar will give teachers an opportunity to exhibit their digital teaching skills in presence of the teaching fraternity, and community at large. This will make them confident and will encourage them to improve themselves. These webinars will redefine education and give purpose to teachers to reinvent, because there is no greater payback than recognition. The take away would be insight into the future of education, 21st Century Pedagogy and Digital Transformation.”
Under the above program, teachers have been trained in Gen Extra Muros – Knowledge Beyond Walls pedagogy. The teachers who are trained under this program are “Future Ready”. They are eligible to take part in Knowledge L’avenir Conclave to display their digital teaching skills. Each Knowledge L’avenir Conclave webinar will be a one-day event; in which teachers from one school will present topics of their choice, using technology-based teaching tools. In every webinar, an average of 20 teachers from 1,000 schools will get an invitation to attend and witness this digital teaching extravaganza. The attendees will get insight on digital teaching and would get inspired to enhance their teaching skills. Knowledge L’avenir Conclave participation is only by invitation – each invited school is allowed to enrol teachers to make a presentation in the webinar to exhibit their digital teaching skills.
Ali Sait’s dream of a Connected Learning Community is a simple yet powerful idea with even more relevance today than when he first introduced the concept in the year 2002. His vision is that the world is an enriched learning environment in which technology used well enhances and expands opportunities for learning while providing the practical technology experience needed in today’s society and workplaces. In the Connected Learning Community: Students, educators and parents have anytime, anyplace access to learning; Learning is relevant, individualized and personalized; Schools have information systems that support accountability and efficient management; Schools, campuses, homes, libraries, businesses and global resources are connected in a dynamic, collaborative learning environment. Yet for 21st century learning, technology alone is not sufficient. Schools, students, and teachers must have the vision and opportunity to experiment, innovate and create with technology as a learning tool. Ali wants to facilitate a New Era of Education in a growing number of schools and communities around the world. Technology has helped launch a new era of education that simultaneously fosters academic excellence and the practical experience needed to succeed in life and work in the growing knowledge economy. Nevertheless, communities have only begun to tap the potential of technology for learning.
Most of these students and teachers would require the items such as Laptops, Tablets, Handheld devices, electronic writing pads, learning software, internet, desks, chairs, etc. Tech Avant-Garde is planning to showcase these products in Knowledge L’avenir Conclave webinars along with the names of the fulfillment agencies.
About Tech Avant-Garde (TAG): TAG is a technology services organization which focuses on “Product Fostering” which means Development, Nurturing and Promoting of the software products. To enhance customer support and user experience, TAG has innovated an App based “Help Desk called TAG” which is accessible to the user from anywhere, any place and on any device. Being a socially conscious organization, it has taken the cause of “women empowerment” in the digital age, it trains and employs women at its residential complexes called “Navy Campuses”. In these campuses, it provides boarding, lodging and continuum training, on software development and Help Desk management. For more info