AWNIC, a leading travel insurance company offering inexpensive yet value-added travel insurance policies, undercuts its main rivals by providing family travel insurance coverage at about 20% cheaper than the premium charged by its rivals. Families going on holiday will not have to pay extra than the same compensation policy provided by the other insurers in Dubai.

AWNIC’s reasonable family travel insurance policy covers without sacrificing quality and features. Despite its affordable price, AWNIC insurance package provides a variety of freebies that are usually worth hundreds of dirhams.

Among the freebies, there is free coverage for children accompanying travelers. The same policy also covers against any injury, harm or medical costs sustained as a result of a verifiable act of terrorism.

Every insurance scheme is of necessity just as successful as the insurer’s reliability in reacting to online claims. The organization has gone to considerable efforts to make the claim making method as trouble-free, quick and painless as practicable.

In fact, family travel insurance with AWNIC often comes with some discounts when bought online. Although many insurance providers demand comprehensive medical screening, AWNIC offers a simple alternative: a groundbreaking electronic medical screening system allowing the customer to perform a right to medical screening in the comfort of their home.

AWNIC has since received a number of significant honors for quality in engineering and in operation. Insurance plans from this insurance company are common with budget-conscious travelers who want high-quality coverage without sacrificing on coverage functionality.

About Awnic
Awnic is one of the leading and certified general insurance companies in Dubai. The firm provides a broad variety of affordable and supportive insurance plans that will conveniently satisfy your needs. It has also rendered its expansion possible with its innovative software apps. The business strives to give its consumers outstanding value and exceptional experiences.

Contact Information
Al Wathba National Ins.Bldg, Najda St.
P.O Box: 45154, UAE
Phone: 600 54 40 40