Australia, 22 August 2020: Students in Australia have every reason to rejoice. has unveiled two updated free writing tools. These include the essay typer and the paraphrasing tool.
Now the students in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne can write essays even if they are under a time crunch. The essay typer functions in the following manner. You have to:
 Enter the Essay Topic
First, you have to type in the essay topic. Once you do so, the tool scours through billions of published documents to collect information. The essay database has been created by our PhD qualified writers and AI experts.
 Type in Random Sentences
Next, you have to type in random sentences to give the impression that you are writing the essay. The tool takes this as an ‘input signal’, and it produces authentic write-up. It even gives you options to choose the best paragraph.
 Choose the Convention and Length of Sentences
You have the option of customising the write-up. You just have to state your preferences regarding the referencing convention or the length of the sentences. Most importantly, you get the essay paper written in an instant.
The free writing tool can be accessed from any part of the world, and it is compatible with various devices. You can open it with your laptop, smartphones, etc. The interesting aspect is that you do not have to proofread the content for grammatical or spelling errors. And last but not least, you do not have to worry about plagiarism, as it is 100% original.
Similarly, the paraphrasing tool will come in handy when the students don’t have a clue regarding the plagiarism issue. Most often students quote works of others and unknowingly fall victim to the plagiarism red flags.
With the paraphrasing tool at your disposal, you can easily restructure your sentences to get past the plagiarism issues. The free writing tool:
• Changes the Whole Sentence
The tool changes the whole sentence but keeps the meaning intact. This enables the students to cite any material from e-books, journals, websites, without having to worry about the consequences.
• Chooses Better Words
The tool, in fact, does you a favour. It rewrites the paragraph or the sentences using fewer and appropriate words. Thus, it improves the standard of the write-up, without you having to look up at the dictionary for flashy words.
• Offers Instant Results
The best aspect about this free writing tool is the fact that it does not take time to generate the result. This is because it is backed by the latest Deep Learning algorithm.
As you can see, the tools mentioned above help you save time, especially if you are under time pressure. And, with the machines at your disposal, you won’t have to rely on your peers or teachers for any assistance. However, if you still feel that you need human assistance or inspection, our experts are here to cater to each of your requirements.
If you have further queries regarding the free writing tool, you can place your questions at Our customer executives will revert immediately.
Summary: recently unveiled free writing tools in Australia. The students can get free essays and paraphrased sentences from the essay typers and paraphrasing tool. For more information, call us at +61-3-4000-0033.