Industrial hoses are used for the purpose of conveying various fluids (gas, water, chemicals) and even solid material from their source to various machines and several other applications. Industrial hose assembly are nothing but combination of industrial hoses and relevant fittings. These industrial hose assemblies are commonly utilized in food & beverage industry, Construction & Mining, chemical & Pharmaceuticals, Oil & gas, Automotive, Agriculture, General Manufacturing and Other Industries.
In terms of value, the global Industrial Hose Assemblies market is estimated to reach US$ 19,973.7 Mn by 2018 end and is anticipated to touch US$ 37,556.7 Mn by 2028, exhibiting a CAGR of 6.5% over the forecast period. North America is expected to be the largest market for Industrial Hose Assemblies capturing nearly 23.5% of the global market share owing to high demand from end user industries.
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On the basis of material, rubber type industrial hoses are highly adopted in comparison to metal type industrial hoses
Rubber type industrial hoses are lighter in weight in comparison to plastic and metal type industrial hoses. Therefore, in end user industry, rubber type industrial hoses are anticipated to gain significant traction in the global industrial hoses assemblies market over the forecast period. There are some advantages of rubber hoses over metal hoses:
• When the operator drags metal hoses on the floor, unprotected metal hoses may be damaged and the outer braiding of industrial hoses also may be break or burst before the forecasted time
• At the time of manipulating or assembly of hoses, loses wire of braid may hurt the operator
• Although, metal industrial hoses are mainly used for high pressure application. Moreover, metal hoses are costlier as compared to rubber and plastic hoses hence are used in limited places where cost is not a restraining factor. Metal hoses find its vast application in oil and gas industry.
• Outer boundary of industrial hoses are coated or spired by protected stainless steel. An outer spiral easily get stuck behind obstacles in the factory thus damaging the hose. Additionally, the stainless steel industrial hose may easily kink behind the fitting, affecting the pressure supply of steam or may be causing leakage of steam.
Performance analysis of industrial hose assemblies market segments
On the basis of material, industrial hose assemblies market is scrutinized into rubber, plastic and metal. In terms of value, rubber type segment is anticipated to gain noteworthy traction in the global market owing to its association with low price, high performance and vast application in end user industries.
On the basis of product type, medium pressure segment is projected to grow with significant growth rate owing to high utilization rate in several end use industries including mining, construction, food and beverages etc. Moreover, these types of industrial hoses remain stable at the room temperature and possesses high degree of flexibility in terms of design. Furthermore, medium pressure Product Types have comparatively higher strength as compared to the Low Pressure hoses. This is expected to increase the demand of Medium Pressure Product Types in the upcoming years, subsequently promoting the growth of Industrial Hoses market in the near future
On the basis of end user, the global industrial hose assemblies market is segmented into Food & Beverages, construction & mining, chemical & pharmaceuticals, oil & gas, automotive, agriculture, general manufacturing and other industries. Food & beverage segment is projected to be dominant in the market, in terms of value over the forecast period.
However, construction & mining, chemical & pharmaceuticals, oil & gas and other segment are also anticipated to gain significant traction in the global market owing increasing application of industrial hose assemblies in end user industries over the slated time period.
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Market analysis of industrial hose assemblies market segments
On the basis of material, rubber segment is expected to expand at a CAGR of 5.9% over the forecast period, the segment is anticipated to reach a value US$ 4,474.0 Mn by 2028 end. The rubber segment is anticipated to fetch an incremental dollar opportunity of US$ 1,942.9 Mn within the forecast period.
From the perspective of product type, the high pressure segment is expected to grow with a CAGR of 4.6%, which is slightly lower than medium pressure segment, however, it is expected to capture a market share of 14.1% by the end of forecast period, 2028. The segment is expected to create significant incremental dollar opportunity amounting to US$ 323.9 Mn throughout the forecast period.
Leading market players dominating the global industrial hose assemblies market
Some of the key players involved in the manufacture of Global Industrial Hose Assemblies that have been included in the study are Gates Corporation, Parker Hannifin Corp., Parker Hannifin Corp., Semperit AG Holding, Campbell Fittings, Inc., United Flexible, Continental AG, Eaton Corporation Plc., Polyhose India Pvt. Ltd., Trelleborg AB, RYCO Hydraulics, RADCOFLEX Australia Pty Ltd., Transfer Oil S.p.A., ABCRUBBER Inc., FlexFit Hose LLC, Abbott Rubber Company, Inc., 4-STAR Hose & Supply, Inc., Neptech Inc., Chamberlin Rubber Company, Inc., Alfagomma S.p.A., IVG Colbachini S.p.A., Integraflex Hose Assemblies, Wellcall Hose (M) Sdn Bhd., Powerflex Industries and Novaflex Group Key market players are focusing on product innovation and differentiation with unique capabilities to strengthen their market positioning across the globe.